Post-Apocalyptic VR Adventure Apex Construct Headed to Retail in July

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Post-Apocalyptic VR Adventure Apex Construct Headed to Retail in July

Post-apocalyptic action-adventure VR title Apex Construct is getting a retail release, publisher Perp Games announced Monday. The retail version of the game drops on July 31, not too far ahead for those who didn’t get a chance to play when it launched digitally back in February for the PlayStation VR.

According to publisher Perp Games, Apex Construct is “built from the ground up exclusively for virtual reality, this first-person action-adventure game boasts a creative blend of precision-based combat and puzzle-solving exploration, all wrapped in a colorful, yet bleak future overrun by hostile synthetic creatures.”

The game puts players in the shoes of the last surviving human being, who is trying to find out how the world came to ruin, all while fighting off hostile robots and artificial intelligence. Gameplay features a mix of intense combat and puzzle solving. Players can also upgrade their weapons, equipment and base, as well as replay missions to uncover secrets.

Mickey Torode, director of publishing at Perp Games, explained:

Questioning the potentially dangerous impact of sentient technology is a topic that we can address in our media in a lot of interesting ways. Apex Construct takes a unique approach. The bow and arrow combat really enhance the feeling of a return to the rudimentary human existence, echoing back to early hunting techniques that adds a rawness and urgency to the fights.

Apex Construct released in February to generally favorable reviews, with many praising the game’s narrative and exploration. The retail version of the game will be available for $29.99 in North America.

Watch the initial launch trailer for Apex Construct below to see how much bow and arrow action, synthetic enemies and exploration the game has to offer.

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