Battleborn Wrapping Up, Ending Regular Updates

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Battleborn Wrapping Up, Ending Regular Updates

Remember Battleborn? You know, that first-person hero shooter from Gearbox that was kind of like a MOBA? Well, probably not, which is why the developer will be done with the game quite soon. Battleborn Creative Director Randy Varnell broke the news on Gearbox’s forums, saying that the game’s Fall update will be its last.

Varnell describes the moment as “bittersweet,” but mentions that he and much of the team are transitioning into working on a “highly anticipated but unannounced game.” But even with this reasoning, it’s hard to not think about how Battleborn was significantly overshadowed by another hero-based shooter, Overwatch. Blizzard’s entry released mere weeks after Battleborn’s May 2016 release, and has been the number one hero shooter since then.

While Gearbox always wanted to differentiate their game from Overwatch, the comparisons were inevitable due to some gameplay and character similarities. Times have been tough for Battleborn, with the game even switching to a free-to-play model this past June, but even that big move was not enough to boost the game and revitalize its shrinking community.

The Fall update for Battleborn will include skins based on Gearbox’s Borderlands, along with “additional Finisher Boosts and Taunts” and “minor balance changes,” according to the forum post. In the meantime, check out Battleborn fans’ reaction to the news here.

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