Here’s What Battlefield V‘s Title Means

Videogame titles have never been good and they won't be getting better any time soon

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Here’s What Battlefield V‘s Title Means

The Battlefield series threw naming conventions out the window after they titled 2016’s entry in the series Battlefield 1, even though it followed Battlefield 4. Now, the next title in the series is called Battlefield V and no, that “V” has nothing to do with the Roman numerical value.

Turns out, the “V” in Battlefield V references “V is for Victory”—the phrase and gesture popularized by Winston Churchill during the Second World War, though in post-war England, the phrase was molded into “VE” or “Victory in Europe” once the Germans had officially surrendered. Calling the game Battlefield VE would have probably been a better choice, but that name would restrict DICE to focusing on the European theater of war, when it is most likely that Battlefield V will encompass the breadth of WWII’s various fronts of war. Having a game title based on a phrase coined by Churchill is both ethically and politically complicated, but at least we now have some specification as to what the numerically off title stands for.

This information is not surprising, as we suggested previously that the “V” stood for exactly what it stands for.

Check out the game’s recently released trailer below.

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