Carl Sagan-Narrated Grand Theft Auto V Videos Encourage Us to Consider our Place in the Universe

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YouTuber Duggy has created a video series overlaying Grand Theft Auto V footage with Carl Sagan’s narration from the 1980 series Cosmos. In this machinima series, Grand Theft Auto’s usual bombastic cynicism gives way to a thoughtful consideration of our place in the universe. Through careful cinematography and editing, Duggy is able to achieve poignancy with this strange and unexpected combination.

Duggy uses three of Sagan’s most famous speeches, including his “Pale Blue Dot” speech about the insignificance of Earth seen from 3.7 billion miles away. Duggy describes his videos as an “attempt to put scenes from my head onto GTA’s world.” These videos also serve to show just how beautiful of a world Rockstar created with Grand Theft Auto V. All three videos are worth a watch. Check them out above and below.