How To Get More Loyalty in Civilization VI: Rise and Fall

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How To Get More Loyalty in <i>Civilization VI: Rise and Fall</i>

You made a mistake somewhere. Maybe you settled a city too close to the borders of another civilization. Maybe you weren’t paying attention to Amenies. You have a city of your own that’s about to revolt if you don’t do something. It’s time to fix your Loyalty deficit, and fast.

If you’re hitting panic mode and have a few turns to spare in your latest Civilization VI: Rise and Fall file, here are some things you can do to balance the books and ensure your cities can resist succumbing foreign Influence. Or, if your play style is military-based and expansionist, here are some things you can play for so you can maintain control over your entire civilization.

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Stock Up On Amenities

The best way to prevent a revolt is to pay close attention to the Amenities of each of your cities. In some cases you may be able to immediately support a settlement’s Loyalty to your civilization by purchasing a low-level building that has an Amenity, like a Monument. This is often the course of action in cities that have revolted from another civilization and have turned to your side. For these cases, admittedly, it’s helpful to already have the cash on hand.

On the long term, it’s wise to invest in Entertainment Districts, which can be built after the Games and Recreation Civic is completed, in any city you anticipate might have a Loyalty issue, like border cities. They immediately give an Amenity to your city, and open up the opportunity to build others, like the Arena and the Zoo, as well. There’s also the new Water Park (which will prevent you from building an Entertainment District, so choose wisely), which must be built on the coast and will add +1 Amenity to the host city, as well as open the opportunity to build a Ferris Wheel, Aquarium, and Aquatics Center (which grant +1, +1, and +2 Amenity accordingly). It will also open up the Bread and Circuses city project, which will increase Loyalty pressure in your city and grant +20 Loyalty upon completion. Entertainment Districts will help you manage your larger populations, and since each Citizen exerts additional Loyalty pressure, that means they’re good for maintaining growth.

Keep in mind that if you have the Governor Reyna stationed in your city and have promoted them to the Contractor level, you are able to purchase a District. This can help in a bind when you do not have time to spare.

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Build Some Wonders

Statue of Liberty

While this can’t be used as an immediate solution in a bind, building a Statue of Liberty can be helpful in areas where you need the extra Loyalty on the long term. It grants 100% Loyalty to any city within 6 tiles.

Temple of Artemis

If well placed, this will provide enormous benefit, granting +1 Amenity for every Camp, Pasture, and Plantation within 4 tiles.

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Form A Cultural Alliance

Alliances are a new addition to the Diplomacy options in Civilization VI, and specifically the Cultural Alliance can help maintain Loyalty in your civilizations. When initiated with another world leader, it will ensure your ally’s cities do not exert Loyalty on yours, making it ideal for use with bordering civilizations.

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Swap Your Policy Cards

There are certain Policy Cards that you can earn that will help on a more immediate level, provided you have the funds or sensible timing to shuffle them around. To a certain extent this does require some foreplanning but many are also earned in the course of acquiring new Civics that you would have researched anyway. Here are a few that you can use in a bind.


Limitanei (Early Empire Civic)
+2 Loyalty per turn for cities with a garrisoned unit.

Retainers (Civil Service Civic)
+1 Amenity for cities with a garrisoned unit.


Colonial Offices (Exploration Civic)
+15% faster growth and 3 Loyalty per turn for cities not on your original Capital’s continent.

Civil Prestige (Civil Service Civic)
Established Governors with at least 3 Promotions provide +1 Amenity and +1 Housing.

Liberalism (The Enlightenment Civic)
+1 Amenity to all cities with at least 2 specialty districts.


Praetorium (Recorded History Civic)
Governors provide +2 Loyalty per turn to their city.


Republican Legacy (earned after changing governments from a Classical Republic and building a 1 Tier Government District building)
All cities with a district receive +1 Amenity and +1 Housing.

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Move One of Your Governors

Governors are your strongest bet in turning the Loyalty tide, as they boost by +8 in any city they’re stationed in. That being said, there is one Governor with clear advantages above the others. Amani the Diplomat has three Promotions that will greatly help in cities under the threat of foreign Influence. One will affect the Loyalty you exert on foreign cities, another will affect your own cities’ Loyalty, and another will grant +4 to Amenities, which can stave off a revolt.

Other cities within 9 tiles and not owned by you gain +2 Loyalty per turn towards your civilization.

Your other cities within 9 tiles gain +2 Loyalty per turn towards your civilization.

+4 Amenities in the city

If you’re looking for a spare source of Amenity, Liang also has a small bonus among their Promotions. Parks and Recreation will open up an improvement which will grant a single Amenity if built on a river.

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