Control Walkthrough: How to Answer the Hotline

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Control Walkthrough: How to Answer the Hotline

Yesterday we told you how to beat Tommasi, the first boss in Remedy’s new game Control. Immediately after defeating him you’ll have to find the phone that keeps ringing and answer the hotline. It’s not a straightforward process, so here’s a quick guide to what to do.

After you defeat Tommasi you’ll enter his main communications room. There will be a door on the left that leads into a hallway. There’s a second hallway branching off perpendicularly from that one. That second hallway ends abruptly with a huge chasm between it and the room that the hotline is ringing in. You’ll see that room floating in a dark void ahead, the phone constantly ringing inside of it. You’ll also see a pull chain light switch at the end of that hallway, right next to a sign. If you hold down the aim button, you can zoom in and read that sign; there’s a note about the rule of threes. That’s your clue.

Pull the light switch chain three times. Suddenly you’ll find yourself in an entirely different hallway in the Oceanview Motel. Walk into the motel lobby. There’s a call bell (or a service bell) on the check-in desk. Nobody answers you when you ring it, but that doesn’t mean the bell doesn’t do anything. Every time you ring the bell one of three doors opens in the motel’s other hallway, the one to the left of the check-in desk. The doors cycle as you ring the bell, with only one opening at a time.

Ring the bell three times, until the third door in the hallway on the left is open. Inside that room you’ll find a set of keys sitting on a desk. Jesse will note to herself that there’s a black pyramid on the hotel key chain. Walk back to the other hallway and look for a door with a black pyramid painted on it. It should be the second door on the left side of the hallway.

Open the door with the black pyramid on it. Inside you’ll find a bare room with another pull chain and a window through which you can see the room with the hotline phone in it.

Pull this chain three times. As soon as you pull it the third time you’ll reappear back in the Oldest House, at the hallway with the first pull chain. There’s now a walkway leading to the room with the hotline phone. Walk to the room, enter, and answer the phone. After a short conversation you’ll find yourself on the astral plane, with another short mission to complete. You don’t have to kill any Hiss creatures this time—just avoid the clusters of rock that spin around above the walkway. There are three you need to avoid, after which you’ll reach a ringing hotline phone inside the astral plane.

You’ve now unlocked the hotline, which you can use to directly contact creatures from other dimensions—including the Board.

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