Cyberpunk Adventure Game 2064: Read Only Memories is Coming to PS4 with Stellar Voice Cast

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2015’s acclaimed adventure game 2064: Read Only Memories, about a journalist trying to find their missing friend in Neo San Francisco, is releasing on PS4 and PS Vita Aug. 16. In addition, the console version as well as the PC version will be getting full voice acting, as the game originally released without any. The voice cast has big names, including Melissa Hutchinson (Clementine in The Walking Dead), Sarah Elmaleh (Kate in Gone Home) and even appearances from game-industry folk such as Zoe Quinn and Jim Sterling.

2064: Read Only Memories was praised for having a cast of diverse characters with varied gender identities, expressions and sexualities. It even allowed the player to set their own gender pronouns. The game was developed by MidBoss, who are also known for holding the annual GaymerX convention in San Francisco, which brings together members of the gaming industry to address topics of representation, gender and sexuality in games.

We can’t wait to play through 2064: Read Only Memories with a full voice cast when it releases in August. You can see the game’s announcement trailer below.