Days Gone Will Indeed be at This Year’s E3 Expo

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Days Gone Will Indeed be at This Year’s E3 Expo

Gritty, open-world zombie slayer Days Gone has been confirmed to be at E3 Expo 2017 by voice actor Sam Witwer.

During a Twitch stream, Witwer revealed that the next emotional zombie tale will return to this year’s show after its reveal at the end of Sony’s show in 2016.

Days Gone will be at E3 next month in a big way,” Witwer said. “Days Gone is gonna be there in a big way.”

Witwer didn’t provide details past this, but “in a big way” can mean a lot of things. Seeing as how it’s part of Sony’s exclusive PS4 lineup, the game is most likely going to see a launch date. But with The Last of Us 2 right around the corner, it might struggle to get its time in the spotlight.

Where Days Gone separates itself from other games within the same genre is that it claims to be completely open world; every aspect of its world is open to explore, from cars to buildings. Its zombies, known as Freakers, are very much alive, and will adapt and evolve over time. The game’s lighting and weather systems are rendered in real time, and everything will affect the way the enemies behave.

In line with its emotional storyline about finding hope in the depths of despair, Days Gone is the sandbox sister to The Last of Us’s linear captivation.

For more on Days Gone, check out the E3 Expo 2016 reveal demo below.

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