Deltarune Is Toby Fox's Next Game, But It's Not an Undertale Sequel

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<i>Deltarune</i> Is Toby Fox's Next Game, But It's Not an <i>Undertale</i> Sequel

Earlier this week, Toby Fox, the creator of the widely beloved 2015 game Undertale, released his first project since the release and success of Undertale: mysterious Halloween surprise Deltarune.

Following its release, Fox took to Twitter to answer some questions in a Twitlonger post. One of the questions he answers is whether Deltarune is a sequel to Undertale, which he says it isn’t at all:

Undertale’s world and ending are the same however you left them; the world of Deltarune and the world of Undertale are not one and the same. Deltarune has different characters who have lived different lives, and will come together to shape a whole new story.

Fox gives no estimate as to when the next chapter will come out—the Deltarune demo that has been released is labeled “Chapter 1,” implying that there will be more chapters (which he says will all be released at once as one purchase).

However, making the Deltarune demo took Fox “a few years.” As a result, he states Deltarune is an impossible game to make alone, because:

- The graphics are much more complicated and don’t play to my strengths (black and white battle graphics were easy.
- The battle system is much more complicated due to multiple characters (I’ll write about this later).
- The overworld and other sections are more complicated due to multiple characters.
- Having multiple main characters is much harder to write especially introducing everyone properly in chapter 1
- The entire town had to be created correctly on the first try to set up properly for the rest of the game.

The game will only be possible to create if Fox gets to assemble a team, which won’t be an easy endeavor because he has no experience in leading a team and doesn’t have an idea as to who he will work with. Thus, he has no projection for Deltarune’s completion—”it could take up to 999 years depending on the efficiency level.”

Although he’s written the whole story and done some songs, no actual programming or final art has been done, so it’s best to think of Deltarune’s development process as zero percent. There are many unknown things at this point: the price, consoles, time of release, the final design.

Yet it seems like Fox knows one thing for certain: He is excited for what is to come. He reassures fans that he really wants to make Deltarune and release it to the world. He does mention that the game will not have multiple endings, and that he will not do a Kickstarter like he did with Undertale.

He closes the post by acknowledging that expectations for whatever he makes are high—so high that he knows no matter what he does, he feels like people will be underwhelmed. “If you played UNDERTALE, I don’t think I can make anything that makes you feel ‘that way’ again,” he shares. “However, it’s possible I can make something else. It’s just something simple but maybe you’ll like it. See you in ?? years … OK? Don’t forget.”

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