Bungie Postpones Destiny 2 Event For Two Weeks Due to Emote Exploit

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Destiny 2 players expecting to start the Trials of the Nine today will be disappointed to learn that this Crucible event has been canceled for this Friday and the next. Per developer Bungie’s website, the postponement is due to “reported incidents of emote glitching in the Crucible.” This particular emote is the “Bureaucratic Walk,” based on the famous Monty Python sketch, allowing players to clip through walls and hide out of bounds.

Yes, this is real news: Monty Python broke Destiny.

Eurogamer reported on the glitch earlier this week, accompanied with several demonstration videos like this one:

Bungie has since removed the emote from the game’s shop, and states that the developer is working on a fix to be deployed by the beginning of November. The Trials of the Nine should resume Nov. 3, with the PC version of Destiny 2 out by then. The PC edition will feature 4K graphics and 60 frames-per-second—see a trailer for it below.