Disney Emoji Blitz Does What We Can’t: Go to Japan

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Disney Emoji Blitz Does What We Can’t: Go to Japan

We might all be stuck at home, sheltered either alone or alongside our friends and loved ones, surrounded in a makeshift bunker of all the toilet paper we were able to horde before all paper goods everywhere became extinct. Games, though, are still free to roam about the world, to ride the internet from continent to continent and experience all that this glorious planet has to offer.

To wit: Disney Emoji Blitz, the cute match three mobile game that turns Disney, Pixar and Star Wars characters into adorable little emojis, has now launched in Japan. Yes, that Japan—the very same one that most of us here in the States won’t be able to travel to for months, at least. If you’re currently in Japan, and love Disney and match threes, this is the day for you.

Japan, of course, loves Disney. It has the best Disney theme park in the world, Tokyo DisneySea, and even has its own massively popular Disney mascot, Duffy the Bear, who is probably more beloved over there now than Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck. (Yes, even more beloved than Horace Horsecollar.) Add in the facts that it’s a mobile game built around cuteness, and Disney Emoji Blitz seems like a no-brainer for this market.

Chris DeWolfe, the CEO of the game’s developer, Jam City, agrees. “The appealing art style, cute emojis, and blitz style gameplay make Disney Emoji Blitz the perfect game for the Japanese market,” DeWolfe is quoted as saying in a press release. “The game captures the excitement and the magic that only Disney, Pixar and Star Wars can, and now millions of Japanese fans can share in its unique universe and experience.”

Let’s not be too jealous of Disney Emoji Blitz for getting to go to Japan when the rest of us can’t. At least we can still play the game here in the States. And maybe some day, when this pandemic is behind us, we’ll all be able to play Disney Emoji Blitz together—on top of Mt. Fuji.

Which is in Japan. The place I’ve been talking about this whole time.

Yeah, that Japan.


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