It's Not Too Late For Halloween Fun in Disney and Star Wars Games

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It's Not Too Late For Halloween Fun in Disney and Star Wars Games

If you’re a fan of Disney or Star War games, here’s another reason to get excited for Halloween: There’s all kinds of Holiday-themed treats and surprises to be found in some of their most popular games. Here’s a quick rundown of what you can find in Battlefront II and various Disney mobile games now through Oct. 31.

In Disney Tsum Tsum you can earn a special Bat Hat Minnie Tsum Tsum by hunting down the Haunted House’s ghosts, and also find limited-time Kingdom Hearts and Nightmare Before Christmas items. The Oogie Boogie Villain Event has overtaken Disney Emoji Blitz, with a limited edition Oogie Boogie emoji and a giveaway of Jack Skellington and Sally emojis on Halloween. Disney Magic Kingdoms sees a new Tower Challenge starring Maleficent, and a Nightmare Before Chrstmas character arrives as the newest official. Speaking of Maleficent, she’ll also be casting her wicked pall over Disney Heroes: Battle Mode, along with other new combatants Scar and Hades. Battle Mode is also currently running a trick-or-treat contest, with points available for scaring enemies; you can also find new Halloween badges and candy drops to collect. Battle Mode’s Halloween treats run until Nov. 2, but you only have until Halloween night to enjoy the goodies in all those other games. All of these them are available for iOS and Android devices.

Meanwhile, in a galaxy that’s only as far away as your phone or TV, you can find more Halloween fun in a couple of Star Wars games. If you’re a fan of Star Wars: Battlefront II on consoles or PC, you might’ve already seen the Halloween mode waiting for you on the Mos Eisley, Kashyyyk, Naboo and Endor maps. You can also find a huge storm rollicking Kamino’s cloning facility, and a surprise return of Jabba’s Palace and the Death Star II. The mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes sees a “limited-time, 2-tier event” called the Defense of Dathomir, where an army led by prequel villains Count Dooku and General Grievous attack a place that totally sounds like something from Lord of the Rings more than Star Wars. If you can defend Dathomir from those creeps, you can rake in some Mother Talzin shards for winning the first tier and a small handful of Zeta Ability Materials for succeeding in the second tier. Galaxy of Heroes can be found on the iTunes and Android stores, and Battlefront II is available for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC.

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