Mickey Mouse's 90th Birthday Party Takes Over Several Disney Games

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Mickey Mouse's 90th Birthday Party Takes Over Several Disney Games

Mickey Mouse made his public debut on Nov. 18, 1928. Yep, that’s exactly 90 years ago today. He doesn’t look a day over… honestly I wouldn’t even know where to begin guessing a cartoon mouse’s age. He seems like an adult—he has a girlfriend, lives in his own house, has had a series of jobs—but for most of his existence he’s also had the big head and bug eyes proportions of a baby. (They call that neoteny and it’s why we think things are cute, apparently.) Drawings might age but they don’t get old (outside of Gasoline Alley), and that’s why Mickey’s still as spry and youthful at 90 as he was when “Steamboat Willie” first hit cinemas back in ‘28.

Disney’s whipping up all kinds of birthday fun for the big cheese, including a prime time special that aired on ABC, uh, two weeks ago, and various treats at its theme parks around the globe. The company’s games division is no exception, with birthday-related treats and Mickey-honoring events popping up across a variety of Disney games. They all run for a limited time only, so if you’re into any of these games and don’t want to miss the Mickey biz, you should boot ‘em up soon.

Here’s the full press release from Disney Games, with details on every Mickey celebration going on in their various games this week.

Mickey-inspired content coming to Disney Games:

Disney Stickers: Mickey’s 90th: Fans can celebrate Mickey’s 90th through iMessage with 21 new animated stickers featuring “The True Original”. The pack will feature beloved Mickey expressions celebrated throughout the years and include more than 20 themed stickers. Disney Stickers: Mickey’s 90th is available for download today through the App Store.

Disney Heroes: Battle Mode: Now – Nov. 21 – Players will be able to add Mickey himself to their teams during a week of special contests and events. Battling through the campaign will unlock his powerful skills like Silly Symphony and Apprentice Sorcery. Disney Heroes: Battle Mode is available on the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon App Store.

Disney Magic Kingdoms: Now – Nov. 22 – Players can celebrate 90 years of Mickey by welcoming him, Minnie, and Pete as their classic versions. Additionally, Mickey is preparing some musical fun on a new attraction – the Steamboat! Disney Magic Kingdoms is available on the App Store, Google Play Store, or Windows Store.

Disney Emoji Blitz: Now – Nov. 20 – The “Clear the Frosting” event will award a Diamond Box prize to players who complete the event, featuring either Steamboat Willie Mickey, Sorcerer Mickey or the new, exclusive Rainbow Mickey. A special Mickey giveaway will also take place in-game on Mickey’s birthday, November 18. Disney Emoji Blitz is available for free on the App Store, Google Play and Amazon App Store.

Disney Tsum Tsum: Now – Nov. 21 – A special, limited-edition pick up capsule will be available for a short-time, containing Pirate Mickey, Fantasmic Mickey, Conductor Mickey, Sorcerer Mickey and Musketeer Mickey. Disney Tsum Tsum is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Kingdom Hearts Union ? [Cross]: Nov. 18 – Dec. 7 – A Mickey Mouse quiz will be available in-game until the end of the month, allowing players to win up to 1,000 Jewels to celebrate Mickey’s 90th birthday. Additionally, players will have the chance to obtain even more Jewels through a free daily draw running through Dec. 7! Keyblade wielders will also be able to celebrate Mickey in style with discounted Mickey and Minnie-themed avatar boards available through Dec. 2.

Covet Fashion x Disney Style Challenge: Nov. 18 – For one day only, Covet Fashion will host a Mickey’s 90th Disney Style Challenge. Players will style a classic look inspired by Mickey to celebrate the 90th anniversary of a true original! The app is available for download on the App Store and Google Play.

Mickey’s Birthday Game Sales:

• Limited-Time Sales: Mickey’s birthday celebration will feature sales across the above titles as well as Disney Stickers: Mickey & Friends, Disney Junior Appisodes, Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two, ranging from 25% – 50% off.

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