Double Fine Presents Thoth, New Game from Inside Puzzle Designer Jeppe Carlsen

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Lead puzzle designer on Inside and Limbo, and creator of another Double Fine-published game, 140, Jeppe Carlsen has once again teamed up with Double Fine for a new game called Thoth.

Thoth is a brightly colored, geometric, twin-stick shooter that will focus on both puzzle solving and shooting. The music will be provided by electronic musicians Cristian Vogel & SØS Gunver Ryberg.

Though there are no story details to go on yet, a quick Google search says that Thoth is the Egyptian god credited with inventing writing, as well as serving as the scribe of the underworld. That information, combined with the trailer’s dark, droning music, makes it seem like Thoth may not be the simple fun that it appears on the surface.

Thoth is coming to PC and Mac in October. You can wishlist it on Steam here, and watch the debut trailer below.