Elden Ring’s Latest Patch Brings Balance Updates and a Change Fans Have Requested For Years

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Elden Ring’s Latest Patch Brings Balance Updates and a Change Fans Have Requested For Years

On Thursday, Elden Ring received a patch with a long list of balance changes, which also confirmed the game will now be tuned differently for single player and PVP. Going forward, weapons, skills and spells may deal different amounts of damage if you’re fighting against others online, compared to if you’re trying to become Elden Lord. FromSoftware fans have been requesting this change for years, as in previous games, it was common for those completely uninterested in multiplayer invasions to have their favorite boss-bludgeoning weapon nerfed into the ground because it was too strong when used against other players. This new approach will hopefully help both elements become more balanced.

In terms of the actual changes in patch 1.07, Colossal Weapons have had their general attack speed increased while crouching strikes have been weakened, meaning players will be encouraged to use their full moveset instead of just poking. Armor poise has been boosted across the board, meaning maneuvers should be less frequently interrupted by enemies’ blows. Some PVP-exclusive changes are near-universal nerfs to Ashes of War, which were previously so powerful some players would almost exclusively rely on them (Rivers of Blood spammers *cough* *cough*). Additional PVP changes are increased stamina damage against guarded foes, improved poise damage and decreases in incantation power. The full list of changes can be found here.

In addition to these balance updates, data miners have discovered two new maps in the game’s files titled m20 and m45. According to SekiroDubi on Twitter, “m20 has [the] same numbering as Legacy dungeons, [while] m45 is brand new…” Elden Ring has sold over 16 million units, and most previous FromSoft games have featured DLC, meaning it is very likely we will see some form of expansion. Data miners previously found evidence of cut content based around diving into characters’ dreams, as well as more backstory around Miquella and Malenia, so something related to these is possible for a future add-on.

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