The Evercade VS Retro Gaming Console Is Coming This Fall

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The Evercade VS Retro Gaming Console Is Coming This Fall

With every passing week, a new retro gaming console seems to be made available. The latest, the Evercade VS, seems like one of the slicker ones on offer.

Following 2020’s Evercade Handheld, which allowed for retro gaming on the go, the Evercade VS brings things home and expands on them by allowing for up to four players to play on the same system. You can accomplish this by hooking up one of the new Evercade controllers to the system, which boasts the look of a more ergonomic NES controller with a lighter color scheme.

The Evercade VS not only allows for any previous Evercade game cartridges to be used on it, but also allows you to slot two of them at a time within the system, This means that the Evercade VS can have up to 40 games available to play at any given time. By the end of 2021, the team behind Evercade is hoping to have 26 game cartridges with over 280 games available to play on both the Evercade Handheld and the upcoming Evercade VS.

The Evercade VS is also fully optimized like a modern console, being able to output on TVs up to 1080p and having built in Wi-Fi, which should help with firmware updates that may come down the line.

You can preorder an Evercade VS beginning on May 28, and it’ll go for $100, £90 or €100. The systems seem like they will ship and be widely available in November 2021.

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