Sure, Why Not: Sonic Is Coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as a Costume

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Sure, Why Not: Sonic Is Coming to Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout as a Costume

Everyday it seems like the Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Twitter account cannot possibly outdo itself, and each day they manage to do just that. Developer Mediatonic’s latest stunt involves bringing none other than Sonic The Hedgehog to Fall Guys as a costume set on Oct. 14.

The Sonic costume comes as part of a joint effort between Mediatonic and Sega in celebration of Sega’s 60th anniversary. The announcement of the new costume came during a Mediatonic stream with Sega, wherein two Mediatonic employees donned makeshift Sonic costumes and played Fall Guys.

The costume, like others in Fall Guys, consists of a top and bottom section. Each section costs five crowns, meaning you’ll have to get a few wins under your belt before you can become the definition of speed himself.

From the stream, it appears as though the Sonic costume will have a red variant to it when you are placed on the red team, meaning that technically Knuckles the Echidna will also be present in the game. Sadly, donning the pseudo-Knuckles skin will not make you any better at climbing, nor will sporting the Sonic skin increase your fall guy’s speed to supersonic levels. But hey, they look pretty cool.

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