Watch: Far Cry 5‘s First Trailer Shows Disturbing Rebellion in Rural Montana

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Watch: Far Cry 5‘s First Trailer Shows Disturbing Rebellion in Rural Montana

The new Far Cry 5 takes players to the wildest frontier yet, rural Montana. The game features a religious cult, the Project at Eden’s Gate, overtaking the aptly named Hope County upon the player’s arrival.

“We must atone,” the cult leader shouts in the opening scenes of the trailer from Ubisoft. The trailer spans over the beautiful landscape of fictional Hope County, Montana and shows the residents slowly being forced to “repent” by the Project. Of course players also get a good look at the series’ classic shoot-em scenes and the wide array of guns and vehicles available to take out cult members.

The protagonist is an unnamed junior detective new to Hope County who must lead a resistance against the Project. Players will be able to recruit NPCs and animals to help them take down the cult. They’ll also get another shot at the map editor, giving them the opportunity to create and play an infinite amount of new scenarios.

Ubisoft’s release could not have been more timely, landing on the one week out of the year when Montana is in the national news after their newly elected congressman allegedly body slammed and punched a journalist. It seems a violent revolution is already happening in Big Sky Country.

Severalcharactervignettes have also been released, giving more insight into key characters and the history of the cult’s slow coup. Watch the chilling first trailer for Far Cry 5 above.

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