A Yo-Kai Watch Collaboration Is Coming to Final Fantasy XIV Online Today

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A Yo-Kai Watch Collaboration Is Coming to Final Fantasy XIV Online Today

Final Fantasy players may start seeing some new faces around Eorzea starting today. The Yo-kai Watch collaboration event, Gather One, Gather All!, is returning to Final Fantasy XIV Online today with new rewards for players to collect, including new Yo-kai-themed minions, weapons, and a mount.

Players level 15 and above can participate in the Yo-kai Watch event by speaking with the poor-heeled youth located on the Steps of Nald. After accepting the quest, players can begin gathering unique Yo-kai medals. When delivered to the wandering executive at The Gold Saucer, the player will receive the corresponding Yo-Kai as a summonable minion.

There are 17 Yo-kai up for grabs currently, including fan favorites like Jibanyan and newcomers like Damona. Once 13 Yo-Kai have been collected, players can also earn a Whisper-Go mount for easier access around Eorzea. In addition, there are 17 unique Yo-kai weapons for players to earn.

The latest rendition of the Gather One, Gather All! introduces four new Yo-kai minions and weapons to the previously available 13, giving both new and veteran players something to earn.

The Gather One, Gather All! comes right on the heels of the massive Reflections in Crystal Patch 5.3 for Final Fantasy XIV Online. This latest patch brought a litany of new updates to the game, including the final act of the Shadowbringers expansion as well as an update to the NieR-inspired YoRHa: Dark Apocalypse alliance raid series made in part by Yosuke Saito and YOKO TARO.

Final Fantasy XIV Online increased their free trial period earlier this year, allowing new coming players to experience the equivalent of two full Final Fantasy titles for free. Players on the free trial will also be able to take part in the Gather One, Gather All! event.

The Gather One, Gather All! is running from today until the release of Patch 5.4, so be sure to get in on the collecting before it is over.

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