Fortnite Has Reached Seven Million Players

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Fortnite Has Reached Seven Million Players

Seven million players have been served, according to Fortnite developer Epic Games. Shortly after the launch of Fortnite Battle Royale (something that has been a bit contentious with the Battlegrounds team), Epic announced the milestone via Twitter.

This figure includes players of both the traditional, fort-building PvE Fortnite and the 100-player PvP Battle Royale. With the latter being free-to-play, and with its contemporary PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds still being a PC-exclusive (until the Xbox One version releases), this bump in player count after the release of Battle Royale is no coincidence.

The tweet also mentions the addition of “Duos” and supply drops, which are further detailed in patch notes found on the Fortnite website. Duos will also enable players to pair up and take on the world in Battle Royale. Supply drops work similarly to how they do in Battlegrounds, with ballooned supply crates descending from the sky.

Fortnite still remains in Early Access. You can find our thoughts about how Battle Royale fares as a PUBG substitute right here.

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