Gears of War and Funko Team Up for Gears Pop Mobile Game

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Gears of War and Funko Team Up for Gears Pop Mobile Game

Face it: you need more stuff. Thankfully Funko is here for you, with a big heap of new stuff to pick up—especially if you’re a fan of Gears of War, Kingdom Hearts and Fortnite.

A new line of Gears of War Funko pops are now out at GameStop, including the GameStop exclusive character Skorge. These Funkos all come with codes to download items for Gears Pop, the mobile game that mashes up Gears of War and Funko Pops into a strategy game. The figures include new Pops of Marcus Fenix and Kait Diaz, and, on the enemy side, Skorge and Boomer.

funko cuddle team leader.JPG

There’s also a whole batch of new Fortnite Pops hitting the market. One of them, the Cuddle Team Leader, is also exclusive to GameStop, and it’s one of those special flocked Funko Pops that feels like it’s covered in a thin layer of fur. That’s fitting for a pink teddy bear creature, with a heart-shaped nose and, uh, a big scar down the right side of its face. Other Fortnite figures include Dark Voyager and Rex, which both glow in the dark; DJ Yonder, who looks like a member of Daft Punk if they tried to become a Voltron lion; and the Love Ranger and P.A.N.D.A. Team Leader.

funko donald pez.jpg

Finally, Funko’s also released info on some of this year’s E3 exclusives. Expect a Kingdom Heart Pop depicting Sora in his lion form, a double pack of Overwatch’s Oni Genji and Kabuki Hanzo, Maya from Borderlands, and then a Pop Pez dispenser of Donald Duck from Kingdom Hearts. Such a bountiful harvest of Funko Pops await for all the collectible connoisseurs of the world!

And don’t worry: no precious childhood memories were harmed in the making of these Funko Pops.

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