Hitman 3 Gets New Missions and Contracts in February

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Hitman 3 Gets New Missions and Contracts in February

The hits just keep coming with Hitman 3, as developer IO Interactive have announced their jampacked content roadmap for the month of February.

The February roadmap, titled the Initiation Protocol, won’t have a new location but will consist of five missions designed by IO and featured contracts made by content creators MinnMax and Kinda Funny. Most of the content will come to the game free of charge.

The missions designed by IO will mostly consist of Escalation contracts. Escalation contracts are a set of challenges that changes the objective of a mission. When you complete a challenge, you get dropped back into the mission with modifiers that…escalate the mission difficulty. You get how it works.

Here’s a trailer about all of this, which, due to age-gating, can only be watched on YouTube itself.

The standard Escalation contracts will take players back to Dubai, the first map in Hitman 3, and Dartmoor, where the rich Carlisle family lives and which is heavily inspired by the film Knives Out. Dubai’s mission “The Sinbad Stringent” was teased as having to do with boxes and knives. That’s really all we got, so I’m looking forward to finding out what that winds up being. On Dartmoor, “The Baskerville Barney” will task players with killing the whole Carlisle family, but making their deaths look like accidents. These missions are dropping today, Feb. 4.

While we didn’t learn much of the featured contracts from MinnMax and Kinda Funny, we do know that they will take place in Dubai and Dartmoor respectively. They will release on Feb. 11 and Feb. 23, again respectively.

For players who own the Deluxe Edition of Hitman 3, two Deluxe Escalation missions will be released on Feb. 23, which will bring them back to the Carpathian Mountains and Mendoza. In “The Proloff Parable” mission, you will work your way through an Escalation on board a train dressed as a ninja and have to use a katana and sniper rifle against a time limit. In Mendoza, you’ll take on “The Gauchito Antiquity” where you’ll have to poison your targets with emetic poison and kill them while they’re “under the influence.”

Hitman 3 will also receive an update on Feb. 23.

Finally, towards the end of the month, IO will be making an Elusive Target mission called “The Deceivers” available. Elusive Target missions are available for a limited time and function as an ultimate test of your abilities in Hitman, charging you with taking out your targets in one shot. If you fail the mission, you cannot retry it. Interestingly, the first Elusive Target for Hitman 3 is coming to the Sapienza map from the first title in the trilogy, which means that you’ll have to buy that game in order to access this mission. The Elusive Contract will be available from Feb. 26 to Mar. 8.

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