Here’s the Final Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer

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Here’s the Final Horizon: Zero Dawn Trailer

As we’re only four days out from getting Horizon: Zero Dawn in our hands, Sony has released the final trailer for the game.

The dialogue-free cinematic trailer for the Playstation exclusive delves considerably less into narrative, instead opting to show off the game’s expansive, varied terrain and some tense bow-based combat. The publisher’s strategy of simply showing off the game’s general vibe makes sense, considering they’re prepping for the launch of a potentially major franchise and want to sell as many copies as possible, especially to people who have never even heard of the title.

While our review of Horizon here at Paste deemed the game less than stellar, overall critical reception has been high, to which another official trailer put online yesterday proudly attests. Go ahead and check out the video above, then check out our review of the game here. Horizon: Zero Dawn hits stores and Playstations next Tuesday, Feb. 28.

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