Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition Is Coming to Consoles

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Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition Is Coming to Consoles

The point-and-click adventure Kentucky Route Zero will soon be available to all current platforms. The episodic game, released in episodes, or “acts,” will release Act V in early 2018. This isn’t all, however, as a console version, AKA the TV Edition, of the complete five-act game will be released on the same day, for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The PC version will also have the same release date.

Kentucky Route Zero focuses on a secret highway somewhere beneath the state of Kentucky, and the strange inhabitants and travelers you encounter as a player. Rather than focus on puzzles like other point-and-clicks, this is a game that is centered on storytelling and visuals.

Kentucky Route Zero began with its first act in 2013, with its most recent act releasing last July of 2016. Check out the reveal trailer for the TV Edition above.

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