Literally Every Pop Culture Character Ever is Coming to LEGO Dimensions

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LEGO Dimensions announced its second year of content with an E3 trailer featuring an absurd amount of new characters that will be joining the game in expansion packs. There are so many characters in the trailer, it’s hard to even keep track of everyone. The new characters come from movies that aren’t even out yet, like the new Ghostbusters film, to classics like Scooby-Doo. At one point in the trailer Ethan Hunt from Mission: Impossible, no joke, rappels down to pet Scooby. It is a sight to see.

Screenshot 2016-06-09 09.24.50.png

Some of these releases will be a new expansion type, called Story Packs. The other three types of expansions are level packs, which have a new level to play through along with new characters, fun packs (which contain a character and a free-roaming world of theirs to explore), and team packs, which are basically fun packs with two characters instead of one. Story Packs will contain more playable content, new gameplay and an overarching LEGO story involving the “evil Lord Voltech.”

LEGO Dimensions is also getting a new game mode: four-player competitive battle arenas. The minifigures coming in the upcoming expansion packs will unlock a Battle Arena in their respective worlds where players can battle each other in split-screen play.

all lego dimensions characters

Year 2 of LEGO Dimensions content begins on Sept. 27 with: a Ghostbusters Story Pack based on the new film; Adventure Time, Mission: Impossible and Harry Potter Team Packs; and The A-Team Fun Pack. The full list of properties that will be getting expansions over the next year, as seen in the trailer, are listed below:

Harry Potter
New Ghostbusters
Mission Impossible
The LEGO Batman Movie
Sonic The Hedgehog
The Goonies
Teen Titans Go!
LEGO City Undercover
Knight Rider
The A-Team
The Powerpuff Girls
E.T. The Extraterrestrial
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
Adventure Time

Check out the full trailer below and stay tuned to Paste for more E3 2016 coverage.

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