Marvel Snap Update Brings New Cards, Balance Updates, and Heavily Requested Token Shop

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Marvel Snap Update Brings New Cards, Balance Updates, and Heavily Requested Token Shop

The latest patch for the popular deckbuilder Marvel Snap rolled out yesterday giving us new cards to earn, a partial fix to its late game issues, and some balance tuning. 16 new cards were added, including seeming heavy hitters like She-Hulk, Titania, and Valkyrie. These are part of Series 4 and 5, meaning those at Collection Level 500 or later will have to earn them in Collector’s Caches and Reserves, but they will drop at decreased rates compared to Series 3 cards.

Another substantial addition is the new shop, which allows players to directly purchase the cards they want using Collector’s Tokens. This currency can be earned in Collector’s Caches and Reserves, but players at Collection Level 500-1000 will receive 3000 tokens outright, with those at higher levels at the time of the patch receiving a larger number. As for how the shop works, a single card will be featured for purchase every eight hours, but you can pin them to ensure they don’t rotate until you can afford it.

This new feature is meant to address problems with Snap’s lategame where slow progression speed and imbalances in card power made it so it could take weeks or months to get the one thing needed to complete your deck. There was also a fix to add “improved bad luck protection for Collector’s Caches and Collector’s Reserves” card drops, which the developers said should ensure “players at the same Collection Level will have nearly the same number of cards.” Previously, it could take a highly variable number of Collection Levels to gain all of the cards, but this change seems meant to address that. While it’s unclear to what extent these updates will mitigate the endgame’s problems, they are certainly a step in the right direction.

There were also several balance adjustments, including nerfs to Angela, Destroyer, Mysterio, Sera, and Onslaught. The first four each had their power reduced by one, while Onslaught’s ability was changed to stack additively instead of exponentially, meaning his massive power-generating combos with certain locations are no longer as potent. Finally, there was a long list of bug fixes and small visual updates. The developers previously announced that several significant additions are on the horizon, such as an unranked mode, social features, and more.

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