Minecraft Partners with NASA to Deliver Educational Content Through Isolation

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Minecraft Partners with NASA to Deliver Educational Content Through Isolation

Xbox Head Phill Spencer announced today that Minecraft is partnered with NASA to bring students educational content amid school shutdowns due to COVID-19. The content is three worlds for players to download in the“Education” category in the Marketplace.

“The Human Eye” is a world where players explore a giant replica of a human eye absorbing light, crafted from glass windows, diamonds and glowstone. “Washington D.C.” is a recreation of the U.S. capital with replicas of the Lincoln Memorial, White House, Washington Monument, Pentagon and more. “International Space Station” is a celebration of mankind living in space for almost twenty years. Players can explore the space station and brainstorm what experiments they’d like to conduct as they tinker with contraptions already crafted for them.




Players will have access to this content and more through June 30, 2020.

It’s not rocket science that humans have an easier time learning if they are having fun. These educational worlds are full of sign posts and “lab manuals” that players need to read to navigate the world, making it easy for them to get lost in a lesson. Minecraft is an especially calming game, and will hopefully create a comfortable learning environment for younger students battling the emotional effects of isolation. Minecraft is providing a way to ease their stress while learning, and there are family settings that help parents choose the screen time limits, content filters, purchase limits, communication and sharing settings. Good luck to all you newfound homeschoolers!

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