Watch a Trailer for Nintendo’s New Pokémon Snap Game

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Watch a Trailer for Nintendo’s New Pokémon Snap Game

Pokémon’s announcements are just trucking right along. This morning Nintendo decided to surprisingly drop a trailer for their Pokémon Snap follow up simply known as New Pokémon Snap.

In New Pokémon Snap players assume the role of a “budding Pokémon photographer” documenting “Pokémon thriving in nature,” according to a press release.

The trailer gives us our most expansive look at the Lental region, where New Pokémon Snap will be taking place, and what kind of Pokémon we should expect to find there. We get to see Skorupi in a desert biome, a Heracross and Pinsir fighting in a forested area and a flock of Drifblim floating over the ocean.

We also get our first look at Professor Mirror, who appears to fill the familiar role of the Lental region’s leading expert on Pokémon. We will be joining him and his assistant Rita as they conduct their “ecological survey” in the region.

Mechanically speaking, we get a glimpse of how we’ll be getting around and getting good shots. Aiding us in navigating the “untouched depths of the Lental region” is our new ride, the NEO-ONE, an “auto-driving vehicle” that promises to safely carry us over any terrain we might encounter in pursuit of the perfect shot. In order to lure out Pokémon for the best possible picture, we’ll also have “a tasty fruit found across the region” known as Fluffruit to use as bait.

Towards the end of the trailer, we see a giant glowing Meganium, which looks to play into a mystery only known as the “Ilumina Phenomenon” which we will have to get to the bottom of.

is set to release on the Nintendo Switch on Apr. 30

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