July’s New Nintendo Switch Online Titles Include Donkey Kong Country and Two Others

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July’s New Nintendo Switch Online Titles Include Donkey Kong Country and Two Others

Nintendo is adding three classic titles to its Nintendo Switch Online service, including Rare’s Donkey Kong Country.

The company used to release new games for the platform monthly, but has since moved to a “whenever we feel like it” schedule, roughly every two months. The last games to come to the platform were Wild Guns, Panel de Pon, Operation Logic Bomb and Rygar on May 20. With these additions, the service will have 31 SNES games and 54 NES, games, bringing the total to 85.

Here’s what they’re adding:

Donkey Kong Country

Available on: SNES, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Wii U, New 3DS, SNES Classic
Developer: Rare
Publisher: Nintendo
Released: November 1994

The onset of the Donkey Kong Country series, this first installment received critical and financial success, bringing the great ape back into style with its unique visual style and enchanting score. Here’s what Senior Editor Garrett Martin had to say about it:

“Nintendo pumped these monkey games out on the SNES, releasing Donkey Kong Country in 1994 and then two sequels over the next two years. Only the first of Rare’s platformers are on the Classic, though, which is a smart call—they’re all pretty similar. The original’s still a tough, tricky run-and-jump game, with then-groundbreaking 3D graphics and a great musical score. You can see why this wound up being the second-best-selling game on the entire system.”

Natsume Championship Wrestling

Available on: SNES, Wii U
Developer: Natsume
Publisher: Natsume
Released: June 1994

An adaptation of a Japanese pro-wrestling game, Natsume Championship Wrestling was an unlicensed take on the wrestling phenomenon, especially during its heightened popularity in the U.S. during the ‘90s. Here’s Nintendo’s description:

“Choose from 12 outrageous wrestlers and bring the pain! With a robust grappling system and over 50 moves to master, experience the most realistic wrestling action of the 16-bit era! Test your might against the AI, or up to two players can compete in exhibition, tag team, and round robin matches!”

The Immortal

Available on: PC, NES, Genesis
Developer: Sandcastle
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Released: November 1990

This is a big get for the Switch, since The Immortal hasn’t been ported to a new platform since the Genesis in 1991, and is only playable on personal computers from its era. The fantasy game sees you navigate dungeons from an isometric perspective and close-up combat that looked impressive for its time. Here’s Nintendo’s description:

“Grab your Wizard’s Pack and let your quest unfold as you explore the Labyrinth of Eternity. Delve into the dungeon’s depths to uncover the mysteries of the ancient ruins. Your teacher Mordamir awaits below!”

All three games will be playable July 15 through Nintendo Switch Online, a subscription service that allows online multiplayer in addition to classic titles. For more on classic games, check out our ranking of the 100 best NES Games, titles available through the SNES Classic and our ranking of some NES games available through the service.

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