This Guy Built a Massive Nintendo Switch, and It Actually Works

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This Guy Built a Massive Nintendo Switch, and It Actually Works

For the folks who’ve complained about the Switch feeling too small, Michael Pick hears you and has the ultimate solution: the world’s largest Nintendo Switch.

A miracle of woodcraft, Pick’s Switch is bigger and better in almost every conceivable way if you don’t stop to think about portability, which thankfully Nintendo did. Coming in at 65 pounds, 75 × 30 inches and rocking a 4K display, this is the textbook definition of a massive unit.

In his video, which was shared by Polygon, Pick shows how the whole thing manages to work, revealing a mount inside of the giant joycons that houses a smaller actual joycon. The mount essentially has paddles that respond to inputs on the big Switch and translates them to the smaller one nestled inside of it. Which means that yes, the big Switch does actually work, even if (as you can see in the video) it’s completely unfeasible. It also works with a Pro controller, so you’re not married to having to use the actual big Switch buttons and just have a very fancily made 4K TV.

At the end of the video, good guy Pick ultimately donates the world’s biggest Nintendo Switch to St. Judes Children’s Hospital in Huntsville, where hopefully some sick kids can enjoy their new huge and impractical handheld gaming system.