Nintendo Theme Park May Include Mario Kart Ride

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Nintendo Theme Park May Include Mario Kart Ride

Nerds the world over are salivating at the prospect of soon being able to live out their wildest dreams at Super Nintendo World. The videogame-themed park will be ushered into existence by Universal Parks & Resorts at multiple locations around the world. And if that’s not enough to get you to whip our your trusty N64 controllers, there’s some new information coming out that may better whet your appetite.

According to some savvy investigative journalism by My Nintendo News, the theme park’s trademark application has been uncovered. Along with confirming that the park will, in fact, be called Super Nintendo World, the application has a brief hint at something else. The application briefly mentions:

Organization, management or arrangement of kart racing.

That’s right Mario Kart fans, it’s time to whip out your trusty shells and bananas (well, maybe forget about the bananas for now) and hit the track. The prospect of racing 150cc carts while hurling lightning and ingesting mushrooms is enough to excite even the most casual fan of the popular racing franchise.

It is important to note, however, that just because the application refers to kart racing, this doesn’t mean they have to actually build such a ride. Given the thoroughness of the report, it’s highly unlikely that everything mentioned will be utilized in the new park. They’re largely just covering their bases.

That said, a Mario Kart ride is probably the most obvious logical adaption of the Nintendo catalogue for a theme park. It certainly would make more sense than Link’s Dungeon of Wild Stabbing or Yoshi’s Egg Eating Simulator. We’re excited to see what other tidbits of information leak about the park as we near its actual completion.

Find out more about Super Nintendo World here.

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