No Man’s Sky Will Launch June 21 on PS4

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After much teasing hype, including an appearance on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Hello Games’ Sean Murray announced today that No Man’s Sky will finally be launching on PS4 June 21.

The massive interactive space exploration game, which contains a literal computer-generated universe, was created by a team of 10 in a time when the average game has hundreds of programmers.

“We’ve been a little quiet since we showed the game last year at E3, and it’s because we’ve been heads down and hard at work on development,” Murray said in a statement. “It’s been a hectic but really exciting time for the team. Finishing a game is incredibly hard but lovely to watch as the pieces fall into place.”

The game will also be getting a hard-copy release via Sony.

“It means more people will have a chance to join us in exploring the universe than ever before,” Murray said. “I can’t really imagine what it will feel like to walk into a shop and see our game on a shelf.”

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