Oculus Rift and Touch Bundle is $399 for a Limited Time

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Oculus Rift and Touch Bundle is $399 for a Limited Time

While the Summer of Rift sale ended just a few days ago, Oculus announced that the Oculus Rift VR headset and its touch controllers will be $399 for a limited time.

Oculus hasn’t said how long the bundle will be on sale, but it’s the one of the best deals on the regularly priced $598 bundle yet. Unfortunately, the massive summer sale on Oculus games has ended, but Best Buy’s got you covered if you’re looking for a little something to get your VR experience started.

Best Buy has the same Rift + Touch deal, but with a free copy of Eve Valkyrie. And there are plenty of free games to try, like Robo Recall, Rec Room and Lazerbait. The Unspoken has a free multiplayer demo running through July 12, so if you get your hands on one of the bundles soon, now might be the right time to join the Magic Fight Club. But, uh, we don’t talk about Magic Fight Club.

For more on the sale, check out the trailer below.

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