Blizzard Bans More Than 10,000 Overwatch Players For "Nuking" in Korea

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Blizzard Bans More Than 10,000 <i>Overwatch</i> Players For "Nuking" in Korea

Blizzard has banned more than 10,000 players from their South Korean Overwatch servers in an effort to combat cheating.

According to a post in the Korean Overwatch forums, cheaters have been employing a method known as “nuking,” which involves slowing opponents’ internet connections via DDoS attacks. A Blizzard representative had this to say in the forums (as was best translated by VentureBeat):

Creating and delivering a pleasant game environment for the majority of our rule-abiding players is of paramount importance to us, and we are committed to taking all the steps we can to stop players who create, distribute, and use these nuking programs.

Blizzard is no stranger to freely banning cheating players, something that Overwatch is likely only to see more of as its popularity continues to soar. Keep checking back with Paste for updates on everybody’s favorite hero shooter—just last week we reported on the nerfing of Roadhog’s signature hook ability.