Paragon Starter Pack Gives PS Plus Subscribers Early Access for Free

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Paragon is the forthcoming MOBA-shooter from Epic Games. The game is entering open beta on Aug. 16, but Playstation Plus subscribers will be able to get the Starter Pack for free the entire month of July. The Starter Pack grants early access to begin playing right now and also includes exclusive skins, taunts and permanent XP boosts. It also unlocks Master Challenges for three characters, which unlock a taunt and exclusive Master Skins upon completion.

“Using a third-person perspective, Paragon takes you through the stunning and limitless world of Agora (courtesy of Epic’s Unreal Engine 4) as you and your allies fight for control in a range of arenas, including 5v5, three lanes, jungles, towers and more,” Abbey White wrote for Paste earlier this year.

Check out the Paragon starter pack announcement video below.

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