The John Wick Pinball Machine Comes Out Today

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The John Wick Pinball Machine Comes Out Today

Stern’s latest pinball game is out today, and it sounds like a true killer. John Wick brings the beloved Lionsgate action films to the arcade, with all the technological bells and whistles you expect from Stern.

Here’s what you can expect from John Wick, per Stern’s press release. You’ll be playing as Wick himself as he murders his way throughout New York, with “high-speed car chases” and “fast-action drifting across the playfield.” There’ll be new voiceover lines from Ian McShane, music from heavy metal luminary Charlie Benante (Anthrax, Pantera), and original artwork from Randy Martinez. New York’s Continental Hotel and the Red Circle Club (from the first movie) will appear on the playfield. Missions will involve outdueling assassins, “[completing] jobs for the legendary Factions of the High Table,” and ultimately some kind of special assignment. Along the way you’ll access Wick’s private arsenal through various shots, and also will be able to rely on the boons (and fall prey to the curse) of a Blood Oath Marker. Expect video clips, of course, and it’ll have Insider Connected functionality, as all new Stern machines do.

I haven’t had a chance to play the John Wick machine yet, but Stern’s press release also touts a pretty fascinating feature that could represent a genuine pinball innovation. (Yes, you can call it a pinnovation, if you must.) Apparently Wick has a “dynamic AI combat system” similar to a videogame’s AI, where the machine’s lit shots and targets aren’t directly triggered by the player’s actions. It’s tough to understand how this will work, but in the press release Stern explains it like this: “The enemies move tactically with this dynamic software to counter player objectives, creating a unique challenge in each game session.” If this works effectively, it could recreate both the fast-paced action the movies are famous for, and instill Wick with a more videogame style of interaction, with players having to react to unexpected changes instead of trying to hit the same specific shots in every game.

Wick is out today, and comes in Stern’s standard three-tiered array of models. The Pro Edition will set you back $6,999; the Premium Edition is $9,699; and the Limited Edition, which will include pieces of Wick’s suits used “in connection with the production of the films as a franchise artifact,” costs $12,999, and is limited to only 1000 units. The Limited Edition also has a number of cosmetic upgrades and enhanced lighting and audio systems.

If you want to see John Wick in action, you can find some art and a trailer below. Check your local pinball spots to see if it’s already on location in your town.

John Wick pinball

John Wick pinball

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