PUBG Is Getting Another Map This Year

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PUBG Is Getting Another Map This Year

The PUBG train continues to roll on as the one-year anniversary of the game’s Early Access release rapidly approaches, and the game’s developer announced plans Wednesday to unveil what’s next to come for the title. Via a blog post, PUBG Corp. stated that “the team will reveal what you can expect from us in the first half of 2018 in terms of our development and new content plans” in March, and those content plans “by the way, include a new map.”

The announcement confirms that the game’s third map will unravel sometime before the end of July, if they stick to their first half of 2018 timetable. The unveiling planned for next month will also allow fans their first chance to see the new play area. The quick turnaround on development of this new map could be in response to the quickness shown by Epic Games in its development of Fortnite: Battle Royale, PUBG’s main competitor, which detailed its forthcoming third season of Battle Pass content on Tuesday.

March’s briefing comes after lengthy delays to planned new content caused by a allocation of resources toward fixing the prevalent cheating problems within PUBG, which resulted in over one million players being banned last month. Wednesday’s blog post reassured fans that the developer is committed to continuing their efforts to clean up the game, saying, “we will continue to put our best effort to improve and maintain the fair play environment, optimize the game and provide you with new content.”

With the first two maps consisting of forest and desert terrain, this third map could be another self-contained ecosystem, some kind of blend of one or more, or players could get the long-fantasized deserted urban metropolis. We won’t have to wait much longer to see the next step in PUBG’s evolution, though. Just keep your eyes on Miramar’s horizon.

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