Sony’s Latest State of Play Shows Off Condor, Silent Hill 2 remake, Monster Hunter Wilds, Astro Bot, and More

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Sony’s Latest State of Play Shows Off Condor, Silent Hill 2 remake, Monster Hunter Wilds, Astro Bot, and More

Kicking off the upcoming season of non-stop game announcements, Sony’s State of Play for May showed off a slate of new games headed for the PS5. We got glimpses at Condor, a new team-based shooter from ex-Bungie devs, the anxiously anticipated remake of Silent Hill 2, a first look at gameplay for Monster Hunter Wilds, the announcement of a new Astro Bot, a handful of PSVR games, and more. Overall, the stream was… fine? It wasn’t exactly an overwhelmingly exciting line-up, but there were a few highlights, like the return of a certain platforming robot. Here’s everything announced during the livestream:


We got our first real peek at Condor, a five versus five first-person shooter that seems to place heavy emphasis on movement and class abilities. In the gameplay trailer, the developers stressed the importance of character asymmetry, something that seemed evident in the variety of abilities used by these heroes. They also announced that beyond its multiplayer skirmishes, Firewalk Studio will also be putting out weekly cinematic trailers that key us in on the backstories of the cast and this world. It’s set for a beta in July, with a full release on August 23rd, and will be out on both PS5 and PC.

God of War: Ragnarök

Continuing Sony’s trend of eventually releasing their big-budget PS5 exclusives on PC, God of War: Ragnarök will be coming to the platform on September 19th. This PC release promises an unlocked framerate, the Valhalla DLC, and more.

Dynasty Warriors Origins

Dynasty Warriors Origins was announced, and it seems like the latest installment in the videogame series best known for fighting a whole bunch of guys will, in fact, let you fight a whole bunch of guys. This large-scale hack-and-slash game will be the first mainline entry in the franchise since Dynasty Warrior 9 from 2018, and the series’ longtime developer, Omega Force, will once again be at the helm. It’s set for a 2025 debut.

Infinity Nikki

We got another look at Infinity Nikki, a big-budget open-world version of the uber-popular fashion-oriented mobile game series. The trailer boasted vibrant colors, third-person platforming, and plenty of fits that will apparently offer unique abilities. It’s currently slated for a 2025 release, with beta testing in Q3 2024.

Alien Rogue Incursion

While the PSVR2 hasn’t exactly been swamped with new software, Survios is trying to change that with Alien Rogue Incursion, a new action-horror game for the platform that will put us back in a horrifying world of Xenomorphs and Face Huggers. It’s set for a Holiday 2024 release.

Silent Hill 2

Bloober Team’s remake of Silent Hill 2 got another trailer, and it gave a glimpse of James’ first encounter with Angela, alongside unpleasant scuffles with the game’s iconic nurses. Look, I will be honest that I think remaking this game is a bad idea for a variety of reasons, and everything shown so far seems to demonstrate why it’s nearly impossible to match the stilted dialogue and off-kilter presentation that helped make the original the best horror game ever made. Still, miracles are possible, I suppose, and perhaps it will find its own angle. We’ll know for sure when it comes out on October 8th later this year.

Monster Hunter Wilds

We got the first gameplay trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds, the latest installment in Capcom’s ascendant action RPG series featuring giant critters. We saw battles against hulking creatures fought with similarly large swords, the use of mount-back skirmishes, and harsh deserts. It’s slated for 2025 and will likely be one of the bigger games of next year.

Astro Bot

Astro Bot! One of the most exciting announcements from today’s livestream is that the Astro Bot series, the banger 3D platformer tie-ins for Sony hardware, will be getting its first full-priced release on September 6th. We saw a delightful swathe of abilities at work, including a glider, boost pack, stretchy arms, and more, alongside a barrage of PlayStation easter eggs. There weren’t many surprises for this show, but platforming fans everywhere (myself included) are likely bumping their fist over this one.

Beyond these trailers, we also got a look at plenty of other teasers. There was the action RPG Ballad of Antara, which is set in a world of fantastical sword fighting and will apparently be free to play. We saw Behemoth, a PSVR2 title from Skydance featuring appropriately large adversaries. We got another look at Marvel Rivals, the Overwatch-inspired multiplayer shooter featuring superheroes and villains like Spider-Man, Hulk, Magneto, and an anime-girl version of Galactus. There was another trailer for Where Winds Meet, an intriguing open-world RPG taking cues from the acrobatic martial arts of Wuxia flicks like House of the Flying Daggers. The cult-classic interactive horror movie Until Dawn is being re-released on PS5 and PC. And finally, the Diablo-esque action RPG Path of Exile 2 got some screen time ahead of its late 2024 early access release.

You can check out the full stream here:

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