Pokémon GO Rolling Out Today, Already Out in Some Territories

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Nintendo’s hotly anticipated Pokémon game for mobile, Pokémon GO, is currently available on iTunes and Google Play stores in various territories. It’s live on Google Play stores in most territories already. On iTunes Pokémon GO is only available in New Zealand and Australia at the time of this writing. Per a tweet from The Wall Street Journal’s Takashi Mochizuki, The Pokémon Company advises U.S. and Japan users to “please wait for a while” for the app’s official launch in their areas.

This all comes as a bit of surprise; there was no visible fanfare from Nintendo or a release date announced beforehand. At E3 2016, Nintendo said Pokémon GO would be releasing towards the end of July, so it’s nice to see it come out early. However, the Plus bracelet which allows Pokémon GO to be played without looking at your phone has not been released yet. When it does hit stores, it’ll cost $34.99.

Developed by Niantic, Pokémon GO is an augmented reality game which allows players to catch Pokémon as they walk around the real world through location technology. If you’re wondering what to expect from Pokémon GO, check out our E3 impressions. Meanwhile, here we are, refreshing the app store until it releases.

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