Pokémon GO Plus Accessory Release Delayed to September

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Pokémon GO Plus, the accessory that allows you to play the game without staring at your phone, has been delayed to September, Nintendo announced. Pokémon GO Plus is a Bluetooth-enabled device that can be worn as a pin or a bracelet.

This delay is likely a result of Pokémon GO’s unexpected, runaway success. This will give Nintendo more time to produce more Pokémon GO Plus units and meet potential demand.

Pokémon GO Plus was shown off at Nintendo’s E3 event. The accessory notifies the wearer when a Pokémon or a PokéStop is nearby through both a light and a vibration. You can then interact with the PokéStop or throw a Pokéball at the Pokémon by clicking the single button. It will flash again if you successfully catch the Pokémon.

When it releases, Pokémon GO Plus will cost $34.99. Until then, you can read up on our coverage of Pokémon GO and the things we love and hate about it.

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