New Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Reveals Whipped Cream Pokémon, Gigantamax Transformations

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New Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Reveals Whipped Cream Pokémon, Gigantamax Transformations

The Pokémon Company dropped a new Pokémon Sword and Shield trailer Monday that shows off cute new critters, introduces a new battling mechanic and breaks with series tradition on gym leaders.

The inarguable star of the trailer, the crème de la crème, if you will, is Fairy-type strawberry icing ‘mon Alcremie. Unlike other cold treat critter Vanillite, Alcremie has more of a wedding cake theme going on, so don’t get them twisted.

Also formally introduced for the first time (after being teased at E3) was Electric-type good boy Yamper, the “Puppy Pokémon.”

And then there’s Rolycoly, who is a piece of coal. They continue the long Game Freak tradition of designing Rock-types around, uh, rocks. Slightly cooler than Geodude, we guess? Here’s hoping they evolve into a BBQ grill.

Finally, there’s Steel/Dragon-type Duraludon, who is probably a reference to Mecha Godzilla, though they look more like a retractable X-Acto knife soldered to the back of a turtle.

Also revealed by the trailer is the new Gigantamaxing mechanic, where your ‘mon can temporarily attain the proportions of a city-flattening kaiju. It seems absolutely identical to the already-revealed Dynamaxing mechanic, except a Gigantamaxed Pokémon is visually transformed, as well. For example, a Dynamaxed Alcremie just grows in proportion, but a Gigantamaxed Alcremie turns into an enormous, towering wedding cake.

The trailer caps off with a heartbreaker for long-time fans of the series. For the first time ever, some gym leaders will be version-exclusive. The mysterious Ghost-type gym leader Allister, who looks like one of the forest spirits from Princess Mononoke, is exclusive to Shield, while the Fighting-type gym leader Bea is exclusive to Sword. In the first main series Pokémon game where you can’t “catch ‘em all,” it seems like you can’t beat them all, either.

Watch the trailer below.

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