Pokémon Evolves with New Games and Apps Announced

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Pokémon Evolves with New Games and Apps Announced

Thinking of becoming a Pokémon master? Well, you came at the right time.

The Pokémon Company has unveiled a fresh new slate of new games and apps, including a Detective Pikachu follow-up, a cloud service and a chance to catch ‘em all in your sleep.

In 2020, Pokémon will launch the game Pokémon Sleep so that “trainers will be able to wake up with Pokémon every morning,” according to a press release.


The details aren’t clear yet, but Pokémon Sleep gameplay will take into account the time a trainer spends sleeping and the time they wake up. Pokémon Sleep will also use a new Nintendo sleep tracking device called Pokémon GO Plus +.

To celebrate Pokémon Sleep, trainers can go out and catch Snorlax lazing about their local streets in Pokémon GO.

The Pokémon Company is also set to release a robust cloud service called Pokémon Home in early 2020, allowing trainers to gather all their Pokémon from all apps in one place. Not only will you be able to have a central gathering place for your captured creatures, but a trading feature will also allow you to swap your pocket monsters with trainers around the world.


A new version of Detective Pikachu was also among the new reveals. Inspired by the recent blockbuster flick, the Nintendo 3DS game will now come to the Switch, offering a new ending.

The new mobile game Pokémon Masters is also on the way to iOS and Android devices, giving trainers a new type of Pokémon battling and featuring a slew of beloved Pokémon trainers plucked from Pokémon’s long history of games.


The game is the brainchild of legendary videogame designer and manga artist Ken Sugimori, who wanted all the Pokémon legends from games past and present in one place.

Fans can look forward to more details in June.

And that’s not all. Pokémon is also setting its sights on China with Pokémon Quest, which was announced earlier in May. The Pokémon Company has revealed new details about the popular game, which has garnered 1.7 million pre-registrations in less than a month. This new version of Pokémon Quest will amp up Pokémon’s classic player vs. player and social features, and will mark the first mobile Pokémon game released in China.

Watch the Pokémon Company’s press conference below and find out more about their many announcements here.

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