Bizarre Project Rap Rabbit Videogame Concept Trailer Released

Games Video Project Rap Rabbit
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The creators of PaRappa the Rapper and Gitaroo Man are back with another strange music-based game. The new title, Project Rap Rabbit, is currently raising money via Kickstarter. In an effort to bolster their efforts, the team recently released a “concept art” trailer that sort of explains how the game would work, but includes no actual gameplay at all. As the title suggests, players appear to do battle with various creatures harnessing the power of rap and beats—like Guitar Hero for people with no shame. It’s a little disconcerting that the game can’t be shown in any form, but it does certainly look ambitious.

As of this writing, the game sits at a little over $176,000, which is well short of its $1,090,173 goal. If this weird-ass trailer convinces you this game is worth playing, you’ve only got 10 days left to contribute.

Check out the clip above and the severely underfunded Kickstarter here.

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