Psychonauts 2 Raises $3.3 Million, Biggest Crowdfunding Goal in Videogame History

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Psychonauts fans have been waiting very patiently.

The game just reached (and surpassed) their $3.3 million goal on Fig, which was the highest goal ever in videogame history. Although it isn’t the highest amount of money raised for a game crowdfund (Shout out to Star Citizen), it was the first crowdfund in game history to have unaccredited AND accredited investment. The Psychonauts games are made by Double Fine Productions.

The first Psychonauts was a cult classic from 2005 that was about a psychic named Razputin who wants to join a secret agent group of psychics called the Psychonauts. And no, they aren’t astronauts. It ended with a cliffhanger, so a second game was pretty necessary for fans everywhere.

“We’re so grateful to our backers for giving us this chance to continue the story of Raz and the Psychonauts,” said President/CEO Tim Schafer of Double Fine Productions. “Knowing that they will be able to participate as investors in the game makes the whole thing feel more fair and more rewarding.”

Watch below to see the people behind the game say thank you.

The campaign still has five days left, so it could potentially make more money.