The Best Drop Zones in PUBG’s Miramar Map

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The Best Drop Zones in PUBG’s Miramar Map

The newest Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds map Miramar swaps the wide open green plains and pockets of dense forest for something a little bit closer to the equator. Filled with expansive valleys, sandy dunes, craggy mountains and twisting cityscapes, Miramar brings a whole new set of challenges with its hotter locale. But of course, before you even begin to think about what your gameplan is, there’s the all important decision of where to land. We’ve scoured through the best and worst areas on Miramar’s harsh new battlefield to bring you seven of the best places to get those well worn boots firmly on the ground.

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The Best Drop Zones:

Campo Militar

Campo Militar.jpg

Campo Militar is a fairly sizable compound in the very northeastern tip of the map. This former military camp is well stocked with a number of loot spawns stretched out across several large office buildings. The most lucrative areas to search rest at the front of the entrance to the compound itself, which houses the main military offices as well as a police station. Since the site is tucked away in the corner of the map it usually only gets very light foot traffic, leaving it ripe for the taking if you’re hunting for some serious firepower. Just be careful that you don’t get stranded out here, as there’s a lot of distance between the camp and the centre of the map, and you could easily succumb to the blue field if you’re not careful.



Found hiding along the southern outskirts of Los Leones, this subterranean tunnel is a great cache of gear that rarely ever gets plundered. Along with providing you with a fairly safe and quiet early game looting spot, the mines are also positioned fairly central to the map, which means once you’re all kitted out it shouldn’t be too hard to reach wherever the safe zone has spawned. Be sure to pay extra attention when scouring the floors of the mines, however, as there isn’t a lot of lighting in the tunnels and all the best gear tends to blend in with the muddy walkways.

Cruz Del Valle

Cruz Del Valle.jpg

This sleepy village to the south of Torre Ahumada is the perfect spot to land if you’re looking to reach any of the northern towns that often go overlooked. Not only does it have over 20 different houses to search through, each with a reasonable chance to spawn enough gear to get you fighting ready, it also sits just a stone’s throw away from two other major towns and several main roads, which should give you the best possible chance to find any extra gear or vehicles should the need arise. The town also has a church sitting up high overlooking the rest of the town, offering a good vantage point if you’re armed with a decent scope and want to set up an ambush.

Compound between Graveyard and Minas Generales

Warehouse between Graveyard and Minas Generales.jpg

Much like the original Battlegrounds map had the school as its unspoken fight club, Miramar has its own literal fighting ring. Located in the town of Pecado, this fighting den attracts more than a few bloodthirsty players who want to test their mettle. If you’re looking to take advantage of these hotheaded players, then look no further than this small trio of warehouses found sandwiched in between the Graveyard and Minas Generales. Situated high up on the ridge of a cliff face, this group of buildings generally offers a decent, albeit limited, range of equipment that can help get you started. It’s also a short distance to walk to the neighboring areas should you need to acquire more hardware. The best part about this site however is that many people will look to flee Pecado after trying their hand at the duels that take place there, so getting set up along the northern or eastern exits can help you create an ambush.

Coastal Warehouses

Coastal Warehouse.jpg

Nestled on the eastern coast of Miramar, this cluster of warehouses isn’t going to win any awards for amazing loot spawns anytime soon. Fortunately, what it lacks in potential gear it makes up for in positioning. Far removed from the heavy traffic of the nearby mayhem of Los Leones, this little pocket of buildings can get you kitted out with some basic gear whilst you feel out the situation and wait for the location of the safe zone to appear. Once you’re better informed, you’re now in a perfect spot to take the passage north to Impala or south to Puerto Paraiso. If you get lucky and manage to find some decent equipment in the surrounding areas, then you’re also in a good position to set up on the above cliffside to pick off any fleeing stragglers heading east from Los Leones.



If you’ve ever played on the Miramar map before then you’ve already been to the Prison. Acting as the lobby hub for the new map, the Prison is reachable once the game starts much like the island of Erangel. Unlike the island, however, the Prison is situated on the mainland with the rest of the map, and while it does sit isolated in the very bottom corner at the southwestern edge of the playing zone, its large sprawling complex is absolutely rife with weapons and equipment waiting to be taken. Much like the Campo Militar, this zone doesn’t always see a lot of action as it’s fairly out of the way from the central area of the map, and it can be easy to get caught out if you don’t pay attention to the blue zone. Fortunately vehicles seem to frequently spawn near the roadside just outside the prison, so it shouldn’t be too hard to make a break for it once you’ve snagged your gear.

Valle Del Mar

Valle Del Mar.jpg

A reasonably sized port town located along the southern coast of the mainland, Valle Del Mar is an ideal spot from which to start most of your runs. There’s a high number of buildings to search through, and it’s typically not too busy because it doesn’t look very lucrative from the map. Don’t let that fool you, however, as this location can serve as a useful base depending on what you want to do. Finding a vehicle on the nearby roads shouldn’t be too difficult, with main routes leading to keys areas in all directions depending on where the safe zone spawns. The town also acts as a chokepoint against anyone who may have landed at the Prison should they attempt to make the crossing.

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