Ubisoft Reverses Course on Rainbow Six Siege Price Increase

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Ubisoft Reverses Course on Rainbow Six Siege Price Increase

Citing the negative response from the “passionate and dedicated fans” of Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft has rolled back the proposed price increase for the Standard Edition of the surprise multiplayer hit.

One day after revealing the Standard Edition, the lowest-available entry level for console players, would bump up from $40 to $60, the developer has announced they “will be keeping the Standard Edition in the store at the current price.” While the price is addressed, the statement, released via Reddit, does not address the inclusion of ten Outbreak Packs, cosmetic loot boxes associated with the upcoming Outbreak event. Outbreak Packs are only purchasable with cash, and current players have expressed anger over new players being given ten extra Packs when they have spent upward of $100-150 in-game since its 2015 release.

While Ubisoft didn’t address the outrage over the Outbreak Packs by name, they did offer an olive branch to their player base. The developer announced that any player that plays an online match between now and March 6 will receive a free Ash Sidewinder Elite skin once Siege’s year three content launches.

Finally, Ubisoft assured players that they will evaluate and address “concerns over the Starter Edition when it comes to acquiring Operators.” To date, players at the $15, PC-only Starter Edition level have dealt with a large disparity in the cost to unlock new Operators compared to players at higher cost tiers. The developer promised to have more information for players during the Six Invitational in February and promised “to make this process more fluid.”

While the Standard Edition of the game will remain at $40, the price hike for the Gold and Complete Editions of Siege will move forward as planned. The Gold Edition will cost $90 and the Complete Edition will cost $130.

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