How to Find All the Legendary Animals in Red Dead Redemption 2

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How to Find All the Legendary Animals in Red Dead Redemption 2

In Red Dead Redemption 2, there are many ways to live off the land and support the gang by using what you know of nature to bring in food and supplies. One of the most effective ways to do so is to hunt—there are dozens of species that can be killed for pelts and meat, and there are even some Legendary versions of each that will provide a bit of a challenge as well as unique items that can be sold and used for crafting.

First things first: here are some hunting basics. If you’re concerned at all with the value of your pelts, you should learn to get real good with the bow and arrow, and always aim for the head or the neck (damaging the skin with bullets or by having to kill the animal by hand will deteriorate the quality). Sneaking will also be a huge advantage. Try to get a vantage point that allows you to spot your prey from a distance (staying on horseback can help), and get behind them before you start tracking. Binoculars will also help, as they’ll allow you to study animals from a distance and gauge their potential value. Check the Compendium on each animal before hunting it to learn where to find it, and what methods or weapons are best to kill it. Use the Cover Scent Lotion to help you go undetected, and if necessary, use Herbivore Bait or Predator Bait to lure them close. Dead Eye mode, once engaged, will help you follow the trail of your prey, and will turn red if they are injured and close to death.

Legendary prey are distinctive from their regular counterparts in appearance; their fur or skin is white and this should make them easier to spot while you hunt.

When you enter a region where there is Legendary prey, you will get an alert from the Log informing you a Legendary animal is in the region. At that point, a small white question mark will spawn on the map when in Eagle Eye mode. Get close to the icon and when you feel a rumble in your controller, look around for a mark to track, usually some fur, droppings or broken branches. Some of the signs will be specific to that animal—for example, the Bighorn Ram and the Moose scratch their horns on a nearby tree. Once you have inspected the clue, turn on Eagle Eye and look around for a yellow trail leading to the next marker. If you follow it and cannot feel the next sign, look around for a yellow plume, such as the kind seen in Eagle Eye when special plants are spotted.

You only have a limited time to find the Legendary animal, so try to move quickly (you may wish to clear any bounties in the area so your hunt is not interrupted). Check the Compendium for tips on the best weapon to kill that animal type, to reduce the chance that you’ll lose them as they flee.

If for some reason you lose the body of your prey after the hunt, don’t panic: you’ll still be able to access the parts when you visit a Fencer or a Trapper in order to make talismans and purchase special gear. The pelts are used for outfits and accessories, while parts like tusks and teeth are used for talisman.

Also, if you do not get the animal on your first try, you can have another chance when they respawn. A picture of the animal will also show up on the map informing you of the exact spot so you can come back later. Once you have killed it, the icon will be crossed out. You may only kill each animal once.

Here is a full list of every Legendary animal and their general location:

Legendary Alligator

In the southeast region of Lemoyne, in the bayou on the western shore of Lagras Lakay.

Legendary Beaver

in the east region of Hanover, south of Elysian Pool.

Legendary Bharati Grizzly Bear

in the northern region of Ambarino, north-northwest of O’Creagh’s Run in Grizzlies East.

Note: will not spawn until the mission Exit Pursued By a Bruised Ego has been completed.

Legendary Big Horn Ram

outside of Valentine in the northern region of Ambarino, just east of Cattail Pond.

Legendary Boar

in the southeast region of Lemoyne, in Bluewater Marsh, northeast of Lagras Lakay.

Legendary Buck

out in West Elizabeth, northwest of Strawberry, in Big Valley (look for Owanjila and go north).

Legendary Cougar

in the southwest area of New Austin, out west near Tumbleweed (west of Fort Mercer) in Gaptooth Ridge.

Legendary Coyote

in the southeast region of Lemoyne, in the area known as Scarlett west of Eris Field and Ringneck Creek.

Legendary Elk

in the northern region of Ambarino, in the Cumberland Forest just east of Fort Mercer.

Legendary Fox

in the southeast region of Lemoyne, at Mattock Pond in the area known as Scarlett.

Legendary Moose

in the northern region of Ambarino, high up in the northeast, on the western shore of Brandywine Drop.

Legendary Panther

in the southeast region of Lemoyne, southeast of Rhodes in Bolger Blade. Note: will not spawn until nine Master Hunter Challenges have been completed.

Legendary Pronghorn

in the southwest area of New Austin, south-southeast of Fort Mercer.

Legendary Tatanka Bison

in the region of West Elizabeth out in Hennigan’s Homestead, east of Armadillo.

Legendary White Bison

in the northern region of Ambarino, on the northeastern shore of Lake Isabella.

Legendary Wolf

in the northern region of Ambarino, northwest of Fort Wallace at Cotarra Springs.

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