Old School Runescape Coming to Mobile

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<i>Old School Runescape</i> Coming to Mobile

The classic MMORPG, Old School Runescape, is coming to mobile this Oct. 30, Jagex, the game’s creators, announced Wednesday. This announcement comes after a long beta test that began earlier this year and continued into the summer.

After Runescape’s huge combat overhaul a few years ago, long-time players were demanded a return to form, which birthed Old School Runescape. Since its creation, Jagex has used in-game polls to develop features voted on by players.

Players have been waiting for the mobile version since it was put on display a year ago at Runefest. When the new version releases, players will have a fully cross-platform experience, with the ability to take their PC characters to iOS and Android.

The app is available for pre-download now.