Shovel Knight Getting Two More Campaigns and Two New Modes, All for Free

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2014’s NES-era platforming throwback Shovel Knight is getting two new full campaigns, entirely for free. They will both focus on two of the knights from the original game, Specter Knight and King Knight. Specter Knight’s campaign will be releasing first, Yacht Club Games announced. They also showed off some of his new moves, including the Dash Slash …


… and the Wall Climb.


In addition to these two campaigns, Yacht Club Games is also working on two new modes: Body Swap and Battle Mode. Body Swap will allow you to swap the gender of any of the playable characters: make Shovel Knight a woman, turn Shield Knight into a man. Battle Mode will be a single-screen, local multiplayer mode. One of these modes will be packaged with each of the campaigns.

While Yacht Club Games has not given a release date for anything yet, they said that the wait for Specter Knight’s campaign should be shorter than the wait between the original Shovel Knight release and the second campaign, Plague of Shadows, which was over a year.

Shovel Knight is also getting a physical version for PS Vita, which will come with a 42-page, full-color manual, Plague of Shadows installed, and a guest appearance from Kratos of the God of War series. It’s releasing in October and is being sold by Fangamer.

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