Shovel Knight Expansion Gets a Release Window

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We reported back in June that Shovel Knight, the nigh-perfect ode to the NES, was getting two more expansions. Now we know when to expect the next one.

Posting on Twitter, Yacht Club Games announced that Specter of Torment, which stars one of the original game’s bosses, Specter Knight, would be releasing in the spring of 2017. Not much more information was given in the accompanying blog post, though the company’s Twitter account did answer some questions from fans.

When asked about the long wait for the expansions, Yacht Club said, “We iterate/playtest a lot until we’re happy with everything! Sometimes throwing out entire systems!” and linked to this blog post explaining the process of how they designed the new mechanics added in the first Shovel Knight expansion, Plague of Shadows.

They also tweeted that they would like to “have more co-op adventures” (for now co-op is exclusive to the Wii U through the Shovel Knight Amiibo), but that there’s no news for that yet.

You can read the original announcement for the forthcoming expansions here, which shows off some GIFs of new features coming to Spector of Torment.